Project objectives

This project aims at improving the state of the art in the treatment of asbestos - bearing waste by:

  1. Making / producing two prototype ovens dedicated to inerting of asbestos-bearing waste by the Self-propagating High temperature Synthesis, up-scaled from laboratory  to medium scale (able to burn hundreds grams) and then to pre-industrial size (able to burn up to tens of kg)

  2. Since the efficiency of this technique has been demonstrated at laboratory scale, one goal is to reproduce the reactions at medium and large scale. We aim at verifying that fibrous waste turns into newborn minerals, with different chemical composition and habit from asbestos

  3. A related objective is to optimize the quality and the amounts of reagents to be adopted towards the industrial extension, in the perspective of green and sustainable industrial processes

  4. Further industrial applications of neutralisation by SHS will be explored for other hazardous waste

  5. Exploring the reuse of combustion products as second materials.