3-Activity on prototype 1


One hundreds eight (108) pellets made of waste and reagents were moulded, pressed and previously characterized by SEM-EDS and XRPD. For each type of waste, several pellets were piled up to test the propagation of the combustion.

The combustion was ignited with the W coil ( https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1477981719136053&set=vb.1477802025820689&type=2&theater), or with an oxyacetylene torch




The SHS combustion was applied satisfactorily to :

  1. Friable fibres

  2. Linoleum

  3. Fibre-cement


After the SHS combustion the pellet towers were analyzed by SEM and XRD. In figure 1 is reported the SEM image of friable fibres before the SHS treatment.

Figura 1

Figure 1


The end products (Figure 2) are granular silicates and oxides, (e.g. granular forsterite), reusable as abrasive, refractory or ceramic second raw material, or, at worst as aggregates.


Figure 2


The action was closed at December 2014