7- Activity on prototype 2

Following the regional authorization, the  240 Kg  of waste (150 Kg) and reagents were moulded, pressed and previously characterized by SEM-EDS and XRPD, were treated in prototype 2.


The SHS combustion was applied satisfactorily to :

  1. Friable fibres
  2. Fibre-cement

After the SHS treatment the waste, already characterised in action B6, were analysed by XR powder diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) investigating the disappearance of fibres, i.e. that the inertisation was effective.  In Figure 1:  SEM image of friable fibres before the SHS treatment.





Figure 1



The end products (Figure 2) were granular silicates and oxides (e.g. granular forsterite) with scoriaceous texture.



Figure 2